"Wonderful Wishes" Wedding Planning Package
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"Wonderful Wishes" Wedding Planning Package

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The ‘Wonderful Wishes’ wedding planning package is a 4 week starter package for newly engaged couples looking for a place to start with wedding planning.

This package is perfect if you want a short-term wedding planner to offer guidance and support to kick-start your wedding planning journey.

This package includes:


  • 1 free initial consultation via phone call
During your free consultation, you will discuss the details of your wedding day such as date, ideas, budget etc. and your wedding planner will share advice on how to get started and what to have in place. 

    • 3 hours of phone call support

    Your 3 hours of consultation will be spread throughout your 4 week package. You will cover all grounds of your wedding from beginning to end with your wedding planner to ensure your special day is perfect! 

    Phone calls must be scheduled by appointment only in 30 minute slots. 

    You can book your appointments via e-mail with your appointed wedding planner.  


    • Wedding Supplier Search

    Once you have discussed with your wedding planner the type of suppliers you would like to have at your wedding, your wedding planner will send you a bespoke catalogue listing 2 of each wedding supplier for you to choose from. 

    If you have any wedding suppliers in mind that you definitely want for your wedding day, you can send the details of the suppliers to your planner to  make the arrangements for you!


    • Discount codes

    We all love a great discount and good value for money! With this package you will have access to exclusive discount codes from wedding suppliers that have teamed up with Shola Events to help you save money and stay within your wedding budget.

    These discounts are exclusive to Shola Events customers only. 

    • Discounted hourly further assistance 

    You may want to book hourly further assistance which you will be able to book @ £15.00 per hour.

    This is a discounted hourly price which is exclusive to any person who books this Wonderful Wishes package.